Suitable for all work except academic submissions.

Elementary V Watson ensures that your document adheres to the seven Cs of editing. On completion, it will be clear, correct, coherent, complete, concise, consistent and credible. A copy-editor works their way through the copy (your work) from start to finish to make sure it is complete and ready for publication. Everything is checked, from your contents list to your references, including headers, footnotes and endnotes. This process verifies that whatever is going to appear in public – be that a book, an article, a webpage – is easy to follow and free of mistakes, inaccuracies or repetition.

Elementary V Watson is here to detect errors, ambiguities and irregularities. This includes: spelling, punctuation and grammar; plot holes; passive voice; contradictions; and overuse of stylistic features. Throughout your work, consistency in point of view and tense will be checked.

Your structure will also be examined. Does everything hang together logically? Are your headings relevant and accurate? Is anything missing? Does your work require an appendix? What about a bibliography?  Or a glossary? Do the images, graphs or tables you’ve used support the point you’re making? Do they all have relevant labels?

In addition to these details is the matter of your audience. Is your vocabulary at the right level? Will your reader know what that abbreviation means, or do you need to explain it? Does the language you’ve used match the genre you’re writing in?

If you have a specific issue, let me know in advance and I can keep that in mind when editing.