Where did the name Elementary V Watson come from?        

“Elementary, my dear Watson” is the quote famously, and falsely, attributed to Sherlock Holmes (it never actually appeared in the novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). As a proofreader and copy editor, I consider myself a spelling and grammar detective as I explore peoples’ work and uncover errors.

Couldn’t I just use a spell checker?

You should! I’m there for when the spell checker isn’t enough. For example, “as” and “asp”, aren’t misspelt, but if you use the wrong one in a sentence you could be asking for trouble! We all make these little errors which, as the author we don’t pick up on; we know what we wanted to say and tend to read it as we think it should be, not as it actually is.

What are the benefits of using Elementary V Watson?

I provide a personalised, personable, professional service that you can count on. Few companies offer a face-to-face service whether on-line or in person. I know how it feels to write application forms, CVs, essays and personal statements and I understand how important they are to you. They have the power to transform your life.

I offer a face-to-face service, whether on-line or in person, and by spending the time getting to know you, I can offer you reassurance that the work you are submitting will be treated with the care and attention it deserves.

How long does it take?

My time-scales depend on the work I am being asked to undertake. This can depend on your word count, the subject area, whether English is your first language and how quickly you need the work back. Please contact me for more information.

I only have a couple of days until my deadline do you offer a fast-track service?

I may be able to help! I offer a fast-track service at a higher rate. Please note, I am unable to accept work that is due within 24 hours. Please contact me for a personalised quote.