‘If you’re after someone to look at pretty much anything you’ve written then look no further. Victoria is reasonably priced, has a great manner and always hits her deadlines with great attention to detail.’

KA Richardson, Bsc, MA
Author of With Deadly Intent, published by Caffeine Nights

KA Richardson, Bsc, MA, Playwright
Victoria is a valuable member of the award-winning Whitley Bay Film Festival team providing creative and entertaining blogs for all our events.

Victoria captures the true essence of what we’re about in her writing, engaging with the audience experience fully and with dedication, attending over 50 festival events in all weathers, night after night.

We can’t thank Victoria enough!

Ema Lea, Whitley Bay Film Festival Director

Ema Lea, PR Consultant
Victoria is a supportive and helpful creative writing teacher. She is very encouraging and has a real knack for enabling people to express themselves creatively in a fun and friendly environment.

Allison Davis, Playwright

Allison Davies, Playwright
Victoria has a wealth of information about creative writing and proofreading. She has infinite patience with the writers who attend her groups as well as great enthusiasm for their work. I have benefited from her sound advice and really enjoy her group at Whitley Bay.”

Kay Wilson, PR Consultant

Kay Wilson, PR Consultant
Victoria’s final edit of my manuscript, before I submitted it to my publisher, was invaluable. She brought both a meticulous eye and well-judged suggestions for improving the prose, displaying a welcome combination of rigour and deftness with language.”

Adrian Harvey, author of ‘Being Someone’, published by Urbane Publications in May 2014

Adrian Harvey, Playwright
I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria on literary projects past and present and find that she is professional, hard-working and meticulous. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Rod Glenn, author
Rod Glenn, PR Consultant